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Online Language Lessons in Japan

Skype or online English lessons

Freedom to teach your lessons, when and how you want

OrangoTeacher offers you the platform to teach face to face lessons and also online lessons using Skype, Zoom or whatever platform suits you.

Register and fill out your online profile. If you plan to make yourself available for Skype or Line lessons you must add a video introduction using the camera on your device which you intend to use to carry out the online lesson.

If a student contacts you for a lesson, you and the student must establish on what platform the online lesson will take place (i.e. Skype or LINE). You and the student should then meet online with sufficient time to allow for any technical difficulties.

The method of payment (i.e. PayPal, bank transfer etc.) for an online lesson should be decided in advance of the lesson.OrangoJapan / OrangoTeacher does not take any involvment in the payment of any sums between the student and the teacher

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