Teacher Resources: TOEFL and TOEIC

TOEFL - The Test of English as a Foreign Language

The Toefl is used to assess English proficiency mainly by educational institutions (Universities, Schools, Colleges) as well as some government agencies, scholarship programs and licensing / certification agencies.The test is made up of a listening, reading and writing section and can be taken on computer format as well as pencil and paper format.

Computer-Based TOEFL

The computer based Toefl test has four sections: Listening - tests ability to understand spoken North American English (30-50 questions / 40-60 minutes) Structure - tests ability to understand correct language for standard written English.(20-25 questions / 15-20 minutes) Reading - tests ability to read and understand short passages (44-55 questions / 70-90 minutes) Writing - tests ability to write in English. You are given 30 minutes to write one required essay on a given topic.

Paper-Based TOEFL

The paper based test has three sections which takes 3.5 hours, and will contain at least 140 questions (the number of questions and time given may vary from one test administration to another )and a test of written English which takes 30minutes: Listening - tests the ability to understand spoken English Structure - tests the ability to understand standard written English Reading - tests the ability to read and understand non-technical material Written English Test- Test takers are given 30 minutes to write a short essay on a given topic. The essay is evaluated on the test taker's ability to organize and support ideas, and to use standard written English. Examples of some TOEFL Written English writing topic examples can be found here Examples of some TOEFL computer and paper based questions can be found here

TOEIC - The Test of English for International Communication

The Toeic test is used to assess English proficiency of non-native speakers and is the standard assessment tool used by companies, workplaces, English programs and government organizations worldwide. As such, Toeic assessments are an excellent way to obtain credentials to help in the application of new employment positions, as well as good way to monitor ones own English ability. The TOEIC test is a paper test and has 200 multiple-choice questions to be taken in two separately different sections. The testing time is 2 hours with another 30 minutes to answer biographical questions on the answer sheet and answer a questionnaire about their educational and work history.The test is divided into two main sections: Listening Comprehension You will hear a variety of recorded statements, questions, short conversations, and short talks in English, and answer 100 questions based on what they hear. There are four parts: Part 1 - Photographs (20 questions) Part 2 - Question-Response (30 questions) Part 3 - Short Conversations (30 questions) Part 4 - Short Talks (20 questions) This section will take about 45 minutes to complete. Reading Comprehension You will read a variety of materials and answer 100 questions based on what you have read. There are three parts: Part 1 - Incomplete Sentences (40 questions) Part 2 - Error Recognition (20 questions) Part 3 - Reading Comprehension (40 questions) This section will take about 75 minutes to complete.