OrangoJapan/OrangoTeacher - The Teacher Student Introduction Site for Teachers in Japan.

Who are OrangoTeacher?

We are a small company with staff based in the UK and Japan. Our goal is to help students of all languages find excellent teachers at a fair price across Japan. And with that, we want to help teachers and tutors across Japan find suitable students to whom which they can provide engaging private lessons.

The company was started when our current Director was living in Japan, and teaching English conversation lessons there. At the time, he was working for NOVA, a pretty large English teaching school with offices Japan wide. Like many other teachers at the time, he was also looking for private language students to top up his earnings. He heard there was quite a market for private students looking for a private teacher, but matching the two was the difficulty. Therefore, he decided to create a website which did just that, matched both teachers and students living in the same city in Japan

So as a business, we don't hire teachers and we don't receive funds directly from students. We simply run a student teacher matching service for those in Japan interested in teaching or learning a language. We provide a platform where teachers can teach online to students or in person. We leave that up to the student and teacher to decide.

Company Details

Business Name

ADBEYO (OrangoJapan/OrangoTeacher)

Head Office Location

56 Queen Mary Avenue, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

E-mail Address

konnichiwa(AT)orangojapan.com (inquiries for both general and customer). Change 'AT' to '@'

Business Status

Adbeyo PLC SC638560 A UK based Company