OrangoTeacher - The Teacher Student Introduction Service

Hello! We are a small company which aims to provide language tutors, teachers and students living in Japan a website which can facilitate the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Our web presence consits of two main websites; this site - orangoteacher.com , a site for teachers and OrangoJapan.com, a site for students in Japan.

We consists of a team of British and Japanese people based in different locations around the world and we have the shared goal of making finding language students and teachers in Japan much less hassle.

In our database we have teachers teaching all kinds of languages, and we really support the teaching of all languages, not just English. So if you're an English conversation teacher, sign up and we'll help you get students. Likewise, if you're a French, Korean, Spanish or Swahilli teacher add your teaching profile too. Somebody in Japan wants to learn your language!

As an organisation, we like teaching, learning, the great apes and pistachio ice cream.