Teaching in Japan - Frequently Asked Questions

Add your language teaching profile to our language teacher database. This will be displayed to potential language students in Japan at OrangoJapan.com.If a student sees your profile and likes it, then he / she will contact you directly for a language lesson.

There are a number of teacher student introduction websites like this one operating in Japan and adding your profile to all of them will increase your chances of finding private students. Other ways you can improve your chances of being contacted are as follows:

  • Add a video to your profile. This gives students a better 'feel' as to what kind of teacher you may be like, and gives them the chance to hear your accent. We rank profiles with videos higher than those without.
  • Add a clear recent and professional photograph. And try to look friendly.
  • Ensure your profile is clearly and accurately filled out.
  • If you can write in Japanese, show this in your profile.
Here at OrangoTeacher and OrangoJapan, we use the terms fairly interchangeably. Both are people who teach. However, according to differencebtw.com the differences are as follows:

"The main difference between the tutor and teacher is that the tutor provides additional information to help student understand the material to be learnt in an informal or a special way rather than a teacher who provides formal learning session following the specific curriculum."

Language tutors and students who are serious about teaching and learning in Japan. You must currently be living in Japan and available to teach in order to sign up, and we ask that you intend to stay in Japan for a period of at least 3 months. You are required to be completely fluent in the language you are teaching. If the profile you enter has errors, which suggests you may not meet this requirement, your profile will be removed. We advise you advertise to teach your native language.

Teachers can teach language lessons in any place that is mutually agreed by the student and the teacher. Common places to teach private lessons in Japan are public places such as coffee shops, libraries etc. Different teachers have different teaching methods and teachers can teach in a manner that suits them and benefits the student.

Yes you can Italian in Japan to Italian students. There are Japanese students wishing to learn Italian, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and many other foreign languages. We recommend you teach in your native language.

Ideally native speakers who are serious and confident about their teaching ability. We ask that are teachers expect to able to teach for a minimum of 3 months in the area of Japan specified in their profile. Our private lesson teachers are required to have a valid visa for their time in Japan. You don't have to already be a teacher in Japan to enter your details; we gladly accept profiles from business people, other working professionals, students, residents etc.

Teachers specify their own rates and can take on as many students as they are able to successfully provide quality private language lessons to. Some teachers may wish to only teach private lessons to a single student, whereas other teachers may wish to teach private lessons to several students.

There is no contract with OrangoTeacher.com. You are not employed by OrangoTeacher.com

If you can't make an appointment you have made, contact the student and let them know. If you do not and the student complains you will be removed from the website

No. This site is for language teachers in Japan serious about teaching and students serious about learning. We encourage responsible professional teacher - student relationships. We take no responsibility for the relationships which may develop between teacher and student. If any teacher (or student) is reported to be acting in an inappropriate manner they will be immediately removed from the website.

As a minimum, you are should be highly proficient in any language you teach. Any profiles we receive which suggest (through grammatical and spelling errors) your own English ability is not at a level good enough to teach, we may remove from our database.

Students can browse the teacher profiles for free on OrangoJapan.comHowever, these profiles do not display your contact details. Once the student pays a membership fee, the student can access the members section of the website. In this section, profiles are listed with the contact details displayed.

You can remove or edit your profile at any time. Just click on the sign in link from the navigational bar above and follow the instructions.

Language tutors with photos and videos get contacted more than teachers without these. Video introductions are great for students as it allows them to hear their teachers voice and accent.
Many Japanese students are keen on learning business English, so if you have experience teaching it, adding this to your teacher profile could result in students interested in learning business English contacting you.
Yes, you can arrange with students to take a lesson over Skype, but you must organise with your student how and when payment is to be made.
Your Japanese language student will pay you. OrangoJapan does not pay or employ teachers. We are a teacher student introduction site.