Find Private Students in Japan

How it Works - with Orango.

Student Contacts a Private Teacher
Students in Japan are looking for English language teachers

The student goes through the database of suitable teachers. When she finds one she likes, she contacts that teacher to confirm teacher availability.

Teacher and Student Arrange a Lesson
Language learner in Japan contacts teacher for individual and group lessons

The teacher receives the message and gets back to the student confirming availability. A place and a time to meet for the lesson is then arranged. At this point the teacher and student should confirm the price / free lesson status as displayed on the teacher profile.

Student and Teacher Enjoy their Lesson
Conversation teacher and students meet up to take language lessons

The student and teacher meet at the agreed place and time. They have a language lesson for the agreed period of time. After the lesson the student pays the teacher the agreed price. Another lesson may then be arranged.

How this Works - More Detail...

OrangoTeacher doesn't hire teachers, but allows teachers to post their teaching profile on our teacher website Students, interested in finding a private teacher go to the student website and search for teachers based on a number of criteria, such as 'teaching language', 'teaching location', 'price per hour', etc. If a student finds a teacher he or she likes, they can contact the teacher directly, but to do so, must first become a member of The cost of membership is currently set at 3000 yen, and it allows members to contact an unlimited number of teachers.

Once a student has become a member, they can then contact the teacher directly to arrange a lesson, via the contact details in the teacher profile. The price per lesson is what is stated on the teacher profile so the cost of the lesson should not be something new to the student. If the teacher has advertised a free or discount first lesson on their profile, they must honour this. Price and any discounts should be agreed via email or verbally before the student and teacher meet. The teacher and student then meet up at an agreed location and carry out the lesson. After the lesson, the student would then pay the teacher for the lesson. OrangoJapan receives no fee for any lessons and this remains a private transaction between teacher and student. Subsequent lessons are agreed upon by the teacher and student.

OrangoJapan is for teachers serious about teaching languages and students serious about learning languages. If reports come in from teachers or students about one of the parties not behaving in a professional manner, OrangoJapan reserves the right to remove teachers and students from the database.