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Partner with OrangoJapan

Looking to get more exposure for your business or language school? Why not oartner with us.

Like, well, all businesses really, we are looking to get noticed more. We're not the only platform that matches students up with teachers in Japan, but we want to become the biggest, and the best. To do so, we really need to grow, and grow with you. Do you have a blog, magazine or website that would be interested in hearing about our company and our experiences? We'd be happy to write the article for you if you like, so you get free content and we get free exposure.

Interested in affiliate earning opportunities? As are we. If you have a blog or a business which gets a lot of traffic and operates in the language learning sector, we'd like to invite you to our affiliate marketing scheme. We set up a discount code for our site for you specifically, and whenever anybody joins using that code, you get paid

Have you got another idea about a possible collaboration? We'd love to hear. Just get in touch