Teach Private Lessons In Japan

Teach Private Lessons in Japan

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Freedom to teach your language lessons, when and how you want.

OrangoTeacher offers you the platform to teach private and group lessons at your price and how you want. English, French, German, Spanish...all languages.

It takes just a few minutes to fill out your profile.

Once you've filled out your profile, students will be able to see your hourly teaching rates for single or private lessons and your teaching details. Students can then contact you directly, but usually, students will send you an email enquiring about a lesson. It's then over to you to and the student to arange a place to meet for the lesson. After the hour long lesson, the student will then pay you (the teacher) the amount specified on your teaching profile for the hour long language lesson.

Group lessons can be arranged with the teacher and students also, with a price agreed between all parties before the lesson takes place. Again, payment is expected to take place after the lesson.

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