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We are always looking for people to work with and help improve the overall experience for teachers and students.

Create bite sized language lessons to promote your teaching profile

Create 1-2 minute mini language lessons on your recording equipment or phone.

OrangoTeacher will then add these videos to your teaching profile but we will also promote your teaching profile on our blog social media sites and our YouTube page.

This way, your profile will gets lots of exposure and you'll get lots of students keen to take a lesson from you.

We are happy for you to create your own mini lessons, using a grammar point, some vocab or a phrase as a teaching point, or you can use some of the pre-defined OrangoTeacher lesson scripts on the downloadable pdf here...

Other Opportunities

We are always looking for good people to work with. If you have skills in web-development or graphic design in particular, we'd like to hear from you. Other than that, anybody with a good idea, please get in touch